The Ultimate Booking App

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Time Management

Focus your time on the important things and not on answering the phone to book and reschedule appointments. Prevent wasting valuable time with No Shows with automated reminders.

Security and privacy

Providing best practice in security and privacy. Your information is just that – Your Information.

Mobile Friendly

Our app works seamlessly on mobile, ensuring that you stay connected with your customers while you are on the go.

Calendar made more efficient and simple

As the old saying goes “Time is Money,” so we built Agynda with this motto in mind. Our calendar allows you to quickly book or change any appointment with the tap of a button.

Simply Amazing

Agynda gives our patients the ability to manage their own appointments 24hrs a day. I feel this has benefited our business tremendously and allowed our front office to focus on patients in the office vs fielding calls to book or reschedule an appointment.
Dr. Craig Hewitt
Happy Customer

Simple Pricing


$5 for each additional user

  • Manage appointments
  • Easily Accept payments online
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Optimize your time

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